Three Signs That You’re Ready for Plastic Surgery


When it comes to plastic surgery, timing is an important consideration. Undergoing cosmetic surgery during the cold winter months may seem ideal in terms of recovery. Baggy sweaters and scarves can mask swelling and other tell-tale signs of surgery, and holiday time off can double as recovery time. But the truth is, there is no perfect month or time of year for undergoing plastic surgery; whether or not you’re ready for undergoing plastic surgery; whether or not you’re ready for plastic surgery depends on several other factors that aren’t seasonal.

The first step in determining when or if you’re ready for surgery is consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has the experience and knowledge to help you figure things out. Through candid discussions, you and your doctor can identify if the timing is good, or if there are reasons to postpone surgery for another time. Here are a few additional aspects to consider when planning your cosmetic surgery.

Mental and Emotional Stability

While most individuals who decide to undergo plastic surgery may have been considering it for months or years, there are a few who make the decision impulsively or for the wrong reasons. An experienced plastic surgeon will determine whether a patient is pursuing plastic surgery logically and rationally, or making a rash decision or attempting to please another person.

During consultation, an evaluation of different factors such as your expectations, general demeanor, and personal motives are essential to providing an accurate assessment of whether surgery is right for you.

Physical Health

A qualified surgeon will take all reasonable steps to rule out any potential health factors that could interfere with a successful operation. For example, if you have a few extra pounds you plan on losing, a doctor might advise you to hold off on a liposuction procedure to achieve optimal results. Medical conditions such as diabetes or lifestyle factors such as smoking must also be accounted for. According to the website of Dr. Kouros Azar, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Thousand Oaks, California, overall health is important whether you’re having a simple breast augmentation or a complex multi-stage procedure. “All patients are carefully screened for medical problems that might contribute to problems during plastic surgery. These problems are either addressed or avoided prior to surgery as much as possible.” Looking out for your health, safety, and satisfaction is in everyone’s best interests.

Financial Security

If you’ve ever made a major purchase, maybe you’re familiar with how much goes into the decision-making process. Because undergoing plastic surgery isn’t a hasty (or cheap) decision, one could categorize a cosmetic procedure as an investment. However, it isn’t a necessity, and no one should put themselves in a financial bind to pay for plastic surgery. While it is possible to finance all or a portion of your surgery, ideally you should have money set aside to pay for at least part of the bill.

So, are the cold winter months the best time of year to have plastic surgery? Contrary to what the marketers would have you think, each patient has his or her own “best season,” and that’s whenever they are prepared mentally, physically, and financially.

Popchips Healthy Snack Options

As a mother, I like to think of healthy (and fun) snack options for my 5 year old and for the family, because if we eat healthy, we instill healthy eating habits in our kids; which is a great goal to have. My daughter eats a snack and lunch at school, often we are challenged in what to send her as a snack. We have gone through the veggie and fruit options; carrots and ranch, fruit bags, you name it– she’s had it. Often she eats them, which is great, but after having had the same thing over and over a few weeks at a time, she’s become tired of it. Kids like junk food (as do adults!)– she’s a big fan of chips and cookies (and who can blame them?) cookies are often decorated with colorful icing, chips have yummy flavors like Bar-b-que, and the list goes on. But we would rather she (and we) ate healthy.

Popchips are a healthy, good for you snack, that you can dress up as a fun snack for school and at home– for the whole family to enjoy. Why are they healthier? They are un-fried, contain good high oelic oils (High oleic oil is high in unsaturated fat, low in saturated fat, and has no trans fat.) giving them all the flavor and half the fat!

Yet they are loaded with flavor!


And lucky for me, they have barbeque (my daughter’s favorite flavor)!


Learn more about these delicious snacks here

Some snack ideas:

Pick a popchip flavor, put some tomato sauce on top and sprinkle a little bit of cheese heat it up, and voila, you’ve got yourself (or your child) a mini pizza!


Sweet treats:

Popchip chocolate and marshmallow sandwich, quickly warmed up, for some almost campfire goodness!


Or simply send them to school as a yummy side to any sandwich.


Grab a bag and dig in!

This post is sponsored by Popchips, opinions are my own.

Shopping Season Survival Kit GIVEAWAY

Shopping Season Kit

The frenzy of the ultimate shopping season kicks off this month with Black Friday! Running around in crowds while checking off your holiday shopping list, means two things – getting frizzy and overheated.
Don’t lose your cool, Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths, and John Frieda Hair Care and Tools have got you covered.
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Creating a winter wonderland garden for the kids

As the magical time of year fast approaches and the first icy chills of winter start to send shivers down the spine, it’s time for you to think about how you can create your own special garden for the kids during the run up to the festive season. There’s nothing to stop you from creating an enchanting experience – nothing except your imagination!

Getting started

You’ll find it’s always a good idea to have a plan, so take the time to think through what you want to achieve. It’s easy to buy a whole heap of fun things to decorate the garden, but consider how you want it to look before getting cluttered up.

Although where you live will obviously have an impact on temperatures and the likelihood of snow, you can design your winter wonderland garden to make the most of whatever the conditions are.

Winter brings out the bare bones of a garden’s design, so the structure will emerge looking very different from other seasons. Think about symmetrical lines and curves of your trees, hard landscaping and topiary. You could create a line of pleached trees with entwined branches to make a covered alleyway and stimulate the kids’ imaginations with your secret path “underground.”

By using strategically placed evergreens such as yew or box, you can topiarize them into low symmetrical hedging or, if your clipping skills run to it, create some winter figures out of the plants. Practice makes perfect, so draw out your ideas to begin with, keeping them simple. Maybe a row of rotund snowmen could emerge, or a few stars.

Winter color

With the bright blazes of summer and autumn gone, winter color can be simple and attractive, a cool palette delivering a composition of greens and whites, with vibrant reds interspersed.
Red makes a real splash when the scene is frosty, the color a perfect contrast to the whiteness of frost and snow and an eye-catching complement to the white and green flowers and trees. Do your winter flower research carefully – there are plenty that will flower in the cold. Consider planting some small conifers (they don’t all grow to huge heights!) and add that extra touch of magic to your garden.


Try stringing lines of lights or rope lights between trees that will sparkle through the night, and get some silhouettes that you can use indoors or out. Reindeer, snowmen and holly are always popular, and you could always push the boat out and have Santa in his sleigh. For authenticity you’d have to have eight reindeer!

If the snow has stopped, you could always check out Pat’s snowthrower parts and get a machine that will make it seem as if it’s still snowing, a real delight for the kids.

Looking after equipment

It’s easy to forget, but your garden tools need to be looked after properly. Leaving them out in the cold and snow may damage them, so make sure you bring everything into the shed and clean and dry them ready for next year.

As your design plans come to fruition it won’t be long before you and your family are walking in your very own winter wonderland.

Trending in the crowd: Tips for attending concerts in style

For many of us, going to concerts is a great way to socialize and to get to see the bands that we love at the same time. Being able to see your favorite band live is an opportunity that should not be missed – who knows when you will get another chance to do that? There are some people who regularly attend live gigs, even if they are not sure about the music, simply because they prefer to listen to music live than via a CD or on the radio. Going to concerts also means that you can showcase your fashion skills and dress to impress.

Concert fashion tips

Everyone wants to look stylish and feel great when they go to a concert and some people will choose to emulate the style of the band or singer when they go to their shows. If you want to get noticed, a concert is the one place where a lot of effort needs to be made to help you to stand out from the crowd. Copying the style of your favorite musicians is fairly easy – you simply keep an eye on the type of things they wear – most of this will be easy to find in stores as retailers know that musicians help to set trends. However, you also need to remember that thousands of others could be thinking the same way as you, and you will blend into the crowd rather than stand out from it. You could simply take inspiration from what they do and then give it your own individual twist if you want to create a look that is all your own.

What to wear

You need to feel comfortable when you go to a concert, after all, you could be on your feet for a few hours. One tip is to consider your footwear first. Do you want to wear heeled shoes? Think about how comfortable these are going to be after a few hours on your feet. A good alternative is boots. As there are different styles available, finding one that fits the ‘genre’ of concert that you are attending should not be a problem. Avoid open toe shoes – with concerts there are always lots of people and the chances of being trodden on are high!

Remember how warm it is going to be in the venue – do you really need a coat? A light jacket should be enough – the last thing you need is to be carrying around a bulky item.

Jeans are a practical item – they are comfortable and will go with almost any top that you choose. Jeans will also fit with any genre of music – standard skinny jeans for pop or you can go for slashed jeans for heavy metal.

Consider a T-shirt as your top, no matter what the genre of music. It will be warm in there and a cotton top will help to keep you cool. Again, as they are available in different styles, fitting one to your music genre should not be a problem.

No matter whom you are planning on going to see, from Justin Timberlake to hip-hop artists, getting the right look should not be difficult. With a little effort you can be comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Things to consider when designing your child’s room

Designing a kid’s bedroom isn’t exactly child’s play, but it’s certainly not as difficult as you might think. Get the basic design groundwork right, and the rest will flow from there. The best method is to ask questions before lifting a finger. A dialogue with your child concerning expectations of how the room should be, allied to your own ideas about practicalities and budget, makes for a smooth running project.

First, what will the bedroom be used for? This, of course, depends on the age of your child. Babies sleep a lot. Toddlers play a lot. Teenagers (if we’re lucky) do their homework and socialize. Obviously, tailoring your room design to the age of your child is a key to its success. The following rules apply to all children’s bedrooms, regardless of age.

Serious storage

You have no right to complain about a messy bedroom if there is inadequate storage. Really go overboard on storage provision, because there is never enough. Somewhere for toys, nappies, books, toiletries, clothes, sports gear and all the other stuff that children accumulate is key to a well-designed space. If floor area is restricted, be open-minded about putting storage on walls or in alcoves and entertain the idea of storage beds and other dual-purpose furnishings designed to streamline and de-clutter life. Choose neutral furnishings that will ‘grow’ with your child to avoid having to replace things too frequently. Ask yourself if that pale blue armoire covered in little sailing boasts is going to appeal to a hormonal pre-teen into mixed martial arts.

Windows on the world

The windows in a child’s room should be safe and well protected. Add to that the need for to control light penetration, aid privacy and look good. Avoid blinds with chords, as they can be unsafe; instead opt for short drapes or the best solution – safe and easy to clean shutters. With babies especially, it’s wise to establish regular sleeping patterns early on, and this becomes simple with easily adjustable interior shutters.

Color and decoration

Get children involved in decorating the room. If they have a favorite shade, it’s often best to use this as an accent color in bedding, accessories and cushions, rather than painting the whole room. Children can be fickle, and changing the bedding is far easier than painting over a color that has fallen out of favor. Lampshades, seating, desks and trinkets can all give a shot of color and add zest and personality to a space. Wall decals, stencils or murals are good ways of spicing interior design schemes up and giving a room a theme. Whether it’s inspiration from a favorite cartoon or comic book character or a more abstract theme such as floral or maritime, you and your kids can have fun getting creative together.

Designing children’s rooms is all about visualizing how they’ll be used, now and in the future. You can put a smile on their faces every time they enter the room by following these guidelines, listening to their ideas and achieving a balance with which everybody is happy.

Re-igniting the spark in your relationship

A new addition to the family is usually the best thing that can happen to a couple, but a baby can bring a downside to a relationship too. Suddenly there is something more important in your life than your partner and this can lead to your relationship becoming less close than it was before you became parents.
Parents need love too
It is usual for a relationship to settle. The passion of the first few months, or even years, settles into something that is far more comfortable and predictable, and the arrival of a baby can put an end to passion altogether. It is understandable how this happens, of course. Sleepless nights, stress at work, and increased financial worries can all take their toll on a relationship, but it is important to remember that relationships need work and effort at all times, not just when a baby comes along.
If your relationship has lost its spark and you want to get it back, the first thing to do is talk the situation over with your partner. Only by doing this can you understand and appreciate the other’s needs and desires. It may be an uncomfortable or awkward discussion, but it is a vital one to have. Perhaps your partner finds that you spend too much time at work or that you seem to complain about him or her all the time. Remember, your partner has feelings too. People often get irritable when they are not getting enough sleep because a baby is waking them up in the night, so perhaps you can take it in turns to see to the child to make things fairer.
Even though there may be a child in the equation, you should still make time for you and your partner as a couple. A child is a big commitment, but that does not mean you have to surrender you and your partner to a baby completely. Organize some babysitters and plan to do things together without the baby, such as going to the movies or the theater, out to dinner, or just dropping around a friend’s house for coffee. Such ‘dates’ will allow you to enjoy each other’s company once again, just as you did before you became parents.
Many new parents often feel that intimacy happens less often or has become predictable and boring. There are easy ways to try and bring a little excitement back into your alone times, and if you search through cheap and sexy garter belts, these may not only re-ignite your sex life, but as a woman, make you feel good about your body again after the trauma of pregnancy.
Remember, a couple is made up of two individuals and living in someone else’s pocket for 24 hours a day can become suffocating for both and can cause a relationship to suffer. Make an effort to have your own interests and activities outside of your family unit, to make you a more exciting person and remind your partner about what he or she loved about you in the first place.

Modern Family’s Fall for All brought to you by Fox11 LA


20th Century Fox Television is bringing country to the city! Alongside its local affiliates, the television production company welcomes the hilariously witty, Emmy-award winning comedy into nightly syndication. Just in time for Halloween, city dwellers will have the unique opportunity to enjoy an interactive maze and pumpkin patch that will make them feel as if they have escaped to the countryside. The larger than life corn maze is over 60’ long, stands 8’ tall – making it a true Halloween destination! As guests journey through the corn maze, they will be met with several immersive activities that allow them to test their “Modern Family” knowledge, retrieve iconic show clips through an augmented reality experience, and strike a pose before exiting into a pumpkin patch full of surprises!

Event Experience

 Numerous photo- and video-friendly opportunities:

o A 20’ Gallery Wall chronicling iconic show clips and quotes. Maze-goers are in for a treat
as some pictures are loaded with augmented reality triggers!
o An oversized, carved pumpkin sitting at the head of the pumpkin patch surrounded by
hundreds of branded pumpkins
 Numerous partner activities including but not limited to:

o KIND‘s ‘Make-a-Flower’ wall, a fun-filled activity benefiting the local children’s hospital
plus plenty of healthy snacks
o An exclusive sneak peek at The North Face’s newest winter line of coats, because it’s
never too early to start preparing for the cold
o Hershey’s Halloween Candy Bar featuring seasonal candy
o A fully stocked face painting station and other fall themed fun!

Get more information here.

Modern Family on Fox11

Critically lauded for revitalizing the television sitcom, “Modern Family” is also quickly cementing itself as a culturally defining series. The recipient of a record five consecutive Emmy Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series, tying the Emmy record previous set by “Frasier,” and a Golden Globe Award for Best Comedy Television Series, “Modern Family” returns to the ABC Television Network for its sixth season.
Additionally, the hit comedy season airs daily in syndication on local stations (Fox11 LA at 7:00pm & 7:30pm nightly) and USA Network.

Trick or Treat! With Julep Maven Halloween Subscription Box! BOO!

Do you like subscription boxes as much as the next girl? Read on.

Halloween calls for some spooktacular nail designs and spell-binding colors! Julep Maven subscribers get first access to trend setting colors and top-rated beauty products each and every month. For a limited time, new Maven subscribers can get started with this 4-piece Halloween inspired beauty gift valued at $58 for free (just pay $2.99 for shipping).

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Julep Maven is affordable. You get over $40 of full-size products in every box for just $24.99 per month.
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Steps to younger looking skin

We all love summer, but keeping skin younger looking in the warmer months can present something of a challenge. The drier weather conditions, excessive heat and air conditioning can all take their toll on the appearance of our skin, making it appear more tired, dull and dried out.

Good news, then, that we can take action to redress the effects of summer with a few simple, easy steps.

Save your skin

The golden rule, which shouldn’t really need saying, is: Always wear sunblock. UVA and UVB rays from the sun are the biggest damaging factors to skin, so regular application of adequate sunscreen is essential to prevent premature aging and wrinkles. Those who love the sun-kissed look simply have to choose alternative cosmetic options which are much healthier and look just as good.

Wonder water

Water is one of your skin’s best friends. Keeping hydrated in hot weather is something that is effective on a cellular level. Skin looks plumped up and dewy instead of dry and pinched when the body has plenty of water on board, so drink up and look pretty.

Marvelous moisturizer

Keeping skin well moisturized is key to banishing dry, flaky patches and promoting a complexion that is smooth and flawless. Get equipped with a real heavy-hitting moisturizer such as Argan Oil which has unique, deep moisturizing properties for skin. For a radiant and youthful glow try using this lightweight Moroccan oil which is easily absorbed by the skin and is 100 percent organic.

Eat skin-friendly foods

Clichés only become clichés because they reflect a real truth – phrases such as “You are what you eat” and “Beauty comes from within” may be thoughtlessly bandied around, but they are true. Eating a skin-friendly diet will help achieve younger looking skin. Go to the grocery store and fill the basket with pomegranates, blueberries, walnuts, peppers, oatmeal, kidney beans, sunflowers, green tea and dark chocolate – all known to be good friends to skin. Generally a diet rich in fruit and vegetables coupled with lean protein and plenty of fiber will show outwardly in the complexion – too many refined carbs and saturated fats leave skin looking dull and pallid – not the look we want!

Give skin a fitness boost

The skin is the biggest organ in our body, which means it is acutely affected by our general fitness levels. To enable the skin to expel toxins, repair itself and keep blood circulating effectively, we need to be fit. Being fit and getting adequate exercise will be reflected in the skin, giving it a glowing radiance that’s hard to get any other way.

Sleep more

More sleep equals less wrinkles. Yes, it’s hard getting that fabled eight hours of sleep a night, but when we manage it, it certainly shows in our skin the next day. Sleep is essential downtime in which our bodies repair themselves, and being on the outside our skin tends to take quite a lot of flak. Bags beneath the eyes and a drawn, pinched expression can be smoothed away, or at the very least improved by deep, restful sleep.

Younger looking skin takes a little effort and application, but those willing to put in the time will reap the rewards – and the compliments.