Cool Way Hair – De-Frizz

I have frizzy hair, it’s ridiculous and heading on vacation, to the beach, makes it that much worse.


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The first time I tried Cool Way Hair – Coolway Boost Repair Mask, I was amazed. I use it, and I don’t need anything else!


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This product is perfect for over-processed hair from harsh chemicals and high heat tools, this rejuvenating weekly treatment penetrates deep into your hair, infusing each shaft with a powerful extra boost of Porphyra seaweed extract—a protein-rich formula for additional strength and improved hair elasticity. Use once weekly in addition to your sulfate-free conditioner (we recommend Coolway’s Cool Hydrate Conditioner) to replenish your hair from damaging styling practices and harmful environmental conditions.

This stuff:

Restores damaged and over-processed hair to health.
Strengthens hair and prevents further breakage.
Non-toxic formula has no Formaldehyde, Lye, Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates or Sodium Chloride.
Color safe.
Effective for all hair types

I swear by it. So, if you suffer from frizzy hair like I do, and you are planning a vacation– or you simply want to get on with your frizz free life, like I did– get CoolWay– you’ll be telling me all about it after just one use. This stuff is amazing.

Get frizz-free!

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Sunday Dinner

There is something about Sunday dinner, it brings the family together. I’ve selected some Sunday dinner recipes to share with you all today in the spirit of family time. There is nothing like setting a beautiful table for all of the family to gather around and enjoy great food and great company. I love food, I find it comforting and fulfilling, also in my culture many things happen and are discussed around the dinner table, it is a time to bond and spend time together. What’s it like in your culture/custom? Do you agree that great food, pretty table setting and family is a recipe for connecting, socializing and bonding? When people have something to enjoy, i.e. great dinner in a nice warm setting the time will be well spent.

Seriously, there is nothing like it.

Do you have any memories of Sunday dinners growing up? What is your favorite part of gathering with family over a lovely home cooked meal?

If you make any of these recipes for a Sunday dinner with your family I’d love to hear about it.

What do you do with your family on a Sunday dinner?

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Do you ever go all out and create a formal table setting (see below)? I love formal, casual is nice, but formal (dressing up) is so much fun. I love special occasions and if I have an excuse to create one, I do. How do you feel about casual vs. formal. I have found that most people prefer casual, I just love to dress things up (always have).


Disclosure: As per FTC regulations; this is a sponsored opportunity with all opinions are my own.

Developing the Discipline to Exercise Consistently

Consistency can be the most difficult part of exercise, because we live in a world of instant-gratification, and exercise doesn’t instantly change how you look and feel. You have to work hard and be patient. Because of that, it can be easy to get discouraged or to get off track when something interrupts your rhythm. Here are a few tips for setting yourself up for exercise success.

Figure Our Your Best Time 

Some individuals work out in the morning, and some work out in the evening. Others have the ability to work out in the afternoon. There’s no right way to do it except to do it, but those who are just starting out or struggle to be disciplined with consistency might want to do it in the morning. It’s human nature to procrastinate, and best-laid intentions often dissolve in the face of a busy day, or after-work exhaustion. When you exercise in the morning, you get it out of the way right away, and you don’t have to negotiate with yourself all day to convince yourself to make it to those Pilates classes after work.

Reward Yourself

Set a goal and reward yourself once you reach it. Tell a few friends, a spouse, or a workout partner, and let them celebrate with you. It will help to have their accountability, and celebrations are more fun with multiple people. For example, tell yourself if you work out three times in one week, you can treat yourself to a frozen yogurt at your favorite shop, or an extra hour of sleep. For big goals, give yourself big rewards – that new pair of jeans in a smaller size, or the gorgeous shoes you’ve been eyeing.

Another great way to stay motivated is to reward yourself with workout apparel that makes you feel fashionable while you work out! Sweaty Betty has a wonderful selection of workout clothing that will make you feel even more willing to stay fit on a regular basis. Stocking up on a trendy sports bra or running attire from Sweaty Betty is a nice reward and as you continue to reach your goals keep rewarding yourself with this fantastic apparel. You’ll love your fit body in flattering fitness clothing.

Stock Up

Make a list of all the things you need to do on a weekly basis that will free you up to exercise – and do them. Tidy up your room each night so it’ll be easier for you to wake up in the morning, fixing breakfast ahead of time, grocery shopping each week for energy foods, and packing up your gym bag each night, so you can just grab it and go in the morning. Some people prefer to sleep in their workout clothes. Workout success takes organization, but even the most unorganized person can handle it if they put a little discipline into it. How much do you want it?

The Clinique Skin Care Diagnostic at Macy’s – March 31st through April 19th

Clinique Skincare Diagnostic

Macy’s and Clinique have partnered to launch a web version of the Clinique Skin Care Diagnostic quiz. This simple digital tool processes more than 180,000 possible combinations to provide a personalized skin care recommendation unique to each woman. This interactive tool is being unleashed during the spring Clinique Bonus to help women maximize their free gift with purchase by selecting the best product for their needs.

The Clinique Skin Care Diagnostic has been used at beauty counters around the country for several years, and now women can use it to shop based on their individual needs from the comfort of their own home. It packs the basic knowledge of a beauty consultant into a simple, interactive quiz! It is also a great way to help your readers identify the best product to purchase in order to receive the Clinique Bonus free gift from Macy’s.

Clinique Skin Care Diagnostic

Details of the Clinique Gift With Purchase

Choose a free 7-Pc. gift with any $27 Clinique purchase through The gift with purchase includes free makeup valued at $70 available only through Macy’s from March 31 until April 19.

Clinique Gift With Purchase at Macy's

Long Lasting Make up

Waterproof mascara is one of those things that is essential in make up– if you want to look good and keep the mascara applied all day, the way to go is waterproof mascara.

You can keep you eyes popping and the look you applied the morning before leaving the house. I know I like fresh looking make up. So, to achieve this look all day long I like to use the waterproof mascara.

Some other ways to make your eyes stand out are by using a color smokey eye, as opposed to just the gray-black version. You can apply the color (any color you choose) and slightly smudge around the eye, for a smokey look. Tarte cosmetics sells magnificent eye make up you can use to achieve this look, they also sell waterproof mascara.

I like to keep my eyes and lips fresh to look like ‘I just applied this’ all day. That’s why I also go for long lasting lip colors, ones that you don’t have to apply over and over all day long. The lip colors I use tend to stay on, even after I’ve had my morning coffee– I love that I don’t have to look in the mirror every hour to check and see whether my lipstick is still on, and re-apply. I don’t want to be the girl with the mirror applying lipstick in public, or in my car, you get the picture.

The thing with long staying make up is that it’s easy. It’s easier to walk around with a fresh look, without having to check yourself in the mirror, because you know you look good. The make up goes on in the morning and stays on all day long, easy as that.

So, again my preferences when wearing make up is the long lasting kind, hands down.

What are your favorite things about make up, what are some of the things you look for and desire in your make up selection?

What do Macy’s, Lilly Pulitzer, and Estee Lauder Have in Common?

Lilly Loves Estee Lauder

Macy’s just launched a partnership with Lilly Pulitzer and Estee Lauder for an exclusive free gift with purchase available only through Macy’s. This month, Macy’s is unleashing new interactive tools to help women maximize their free gift by selecting the best product for their needs.

Macy’s new Estee Lauder skincare and foundation calculators use a simple, interactive quiz to help women identify the perfect product for their needs and earn the free Lilly Pulitzer gift. These are the same tools often used by consultants at the beauty counter.

Estee Lauder Skincare Finder

Estee Lauder Skincare Finder

Estee Lauder Foundation Finder

Estee Lauder Foundation Finder

These tools are a great way for you to ensure they are maximizing your free gift by selecting the right products for your needs and skin tone. They are the same tools often used by consultants at the beauty counter to help you find the right products.

Details of the Estée Lauder Gift With Purchase
Choose a free 7-Pc. gift with any $35 Estée Lauder purchase through The free gift with purchase includes free makeup valued at $120 and a one-of-a-kind Lilly Pulitzer cosmetic bag available only through Macy’s until March 23. Women can even customize their free gift based on which color of cosmetics they prefer: subtle or bold. You can read all of the details of the exclusive gift with purchase.

Macys Estee Lauder Free Gift With Purchase

This is the new Lilly Pulitzer beauty gift.

Estee Lauder Gift With Purchase

Clients|Estee Lauder

If you want to take advantage of this offer hurry, offer ends on March 23rd!

What’s your Favorite TV Show?


I am beyond excited that Revenge is going to finally be on tonight, after the respite. Do you watch Revenge? I really don’t watch much television but Revenge has been one of the shows I have been watching since it began, and I have stuck with it. I like the twists in the plot and often enjoy the fashion.

Some things I enjoy about Revenge besides the twisted plot and good story line.

The style. See for yourself…

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images (1)images (2)

images (3)images (4)images (5)

images (7)images (8)

images (9)images (16)

We will miss Victoria’s throne, the chair was damaged after Lydia spilled wine on it.



Victoria’s new throne.

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 5.44.53 PM

If you are looking for your own throne in the spirit of Victoria Grayson, here’s one.


img (1)

images (10)

images (12)images (13)

images (14)

imagesimages (11)

What do you think? If you love the clothes as much as I do, you can shop some similar looks below.

Do you watch Revenge? Are you looking forward to the return of the show tonight as much as I am?

Make Money Blogging

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I wrote a blog post about making money on your blog previously, but as I lost years of blog content when the person I was hosting my blog through decided to book without warning, that post is no longer on the blog. [This was a pretty devastating experience; you can read more about it here.]

There are a few ways to make money from your blog, I am going to list them below in the order that I find them most profitable.

Sponsored Content

First, there are programs you can join that will give you opportunities to write sponsored content. The company I use to help me get some sponsored content is Social Spark, I highly recommend working with them.

Set Your Price. Choose your Advertisers. Sign up for SocialSpark!

You can also reach out to brands on your own and inquire about opportunities, you will find that many brands welcome your interest and often will want to work with you! Doing all the work that leads to collaboration with the brand is very rewarding.


You can sell your own ads on the blog and charge a monthly fee for placement.

Affiliate programs

There are several affiliate programs out there and they all pay differently. You can receive a percentage for a product you sell on your blog. Some companies pay per click. I have both types of relationships and run both kinds of banners on the blog. I really haven’t had much luck with affiliate programs. Actually, I wasn’t running affiliate ads on the blog until about 8 months ago. In those 8 months I have made just 3 sales (sad, I know). These programs do not pay out until you reach a minimum amount, so you will not see payments until you make that amount (I will not be receiving a payment anytime soon from my affiliate programs).

Currently I am using LinkShare.


Sponsored Tweets

I get paid to Tweet, this is super easy and I have received, and taken, a good number of opportunities. You can withdraw the money you make on this program, however you are charged a fee if you take out money before you reach the minimum recommended balance. I withdrew funds sometime ago and was charged a small fee for taking money out prematurely. I now have a decent balance and this time I intend to wait until I reach the recommended balance before I withdraw any money, so that I won’t be charged a fee.

SponsoredTweets referral badge

A combination of the above have worked for me. I really don’t make that much money from my blog. I started the blog shortly after I had my daughter in February of 2010; I have been blogging for 4 years, and there are months when I have made a nice amount ($500) but most months I make between $10-$50. I have charged as much as $250 for sponsored posts, and have sold yearly advertisement placement for $600. It’s a nice feeling when you receive pay for something you worked for, that’s why I love blogging and intend to stick with it.

If you want to make money from your blog you have to be patient, you have to stick with it. I still don’t have the amount of traffic I would like to have, but I don’t necessarily think everything is about your traffic. A huge amount of traffic certainly helps, and you will make more money from affiliate programs with a lot of traffic, but don’t let less traffic stop you. When I first started my blog it took a very long time for people to find it. I sometimes had 1 visitor per day. It takes time to develop a following. You will also want to develop a reputation with your community of bloggers and with brands. Be considerate, be helpful should another blogger approach you for advice. I like to help other bloggers and don’t really see the point in not being helpful. Also, be available and be responsive when working with brands; make sure you are providing them with the best service as you want them to have a positive experience of working with you. They may convey their experience to other brands, also providing the best service will give you an opportunity to work with brands repeatedly should the opportunity arise.

A fun part of blogging is the opportunity to reach out to brands that you admire and request the opportunity to write content for them, review their product, etc. I work full time, so I don’t as much put time as I would like in to blogging, often I will not update for weeks at a time, which I am sure is costing me visitors, but I do what I can.

One thing I strongly recommend to help you grow your blog, and the best place I have found to reach out to brands directly is Twitter. Everyone is on Twitter, and brands are within reach on there. I can’t tell you how many times I have reached out to a brand on Twitter, conveyed my interest in working with them, and gotten the chance to do so.

One last thing. Persistence pays off. Don’t give up. It took me 6 months too see any money from this blog, and the first post I wrote paid $12, the first advertisement I placed paid $9. I really don’t mind sharing these things because I think it’s helpful to others starting out. It’s possible to make a healthy side income from blogging if you put in the effort. There are some bloggers who make more and plenty who make less. It’s up to you how you approach it. Just remember to be reasonable in what you charge, if you have a large following, your readers are responsive, and you know you can deliver, ask the brand for what you are worth. If they don’t want to pay what you are asking you can chose to not work with them. When you are starting out you may not be able to turn down many opportunities (it may not be wise to do so) but as you blog grows, know your worth and charge what you are worth.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, if you sign up with any of the programs I discuss I will get credit for it. Nonetheless, I recommend these programs and use them myself, they have helped me get to this point.

Is Nude the New Black?

In case you didn’t notice by watching the Oscars, if you did, nudes are really in right now. And for good reason. In case you didn’t watch, or happen to see the Oscars gowns in various publications, online, and on television; in other words you have been living under a rock, here are some of the nude gowns.

Photo courtesy of ENews website.


So, the above are just a couple of my favorite gowns of the night, and just to give you a sense of what I mean by the nude trend. Do you love them? Hate them? Leave me comments below and let me know what the nude trend means to you. Will you be wearing nude?

In the spirit of the Oscars, I’ve selected some awesome nude pieces for a regular person’s wardrobe, for you and me. I’m certain that they cost less, and are more easily wearable than the above stunners. In other words, they are everyday pieces that will make the nude trend for for anyone.

Personally, I am loving this dress, and can see wearing it to work. (The dress is on sale right now.)



I’m also loving this gorgeous scarf to round out the winter months and the remainder of the chill weather, in the spring rain, and breeze (we truthfully don’t have much use for it in Southern California, but if you are just about anywhere else in the country, you will most likely have a use for it).


Here’s a watch to round out your look. You might as well got all nude (and it is seriously pretty).


And lastly, this jacket, although not exactly nude, has the general hue, and it’s on sale.


Will you be wearing nude? I’d love to hear about whether you will be buying some nude pieces to round out your wardrobe. I know I will be. If you like any of the above pieces they’re shoppable (they contain affiliate links).