My daughter is going to be Tiny from Dinosaur Train this year! (She loves this show.) If your children watch this show, be sure to watch their Halloween episode Haunted Roundhouse/Big Pond Pumpkin Patch (it premiered October 20) with repeats- 10/24, 10/28, 10/30 , 10/31 check for TV schedules in your area here. My daughter has been wearing her costume around the house, and all over the place already! It will be so much fun. Since this is the first year that she’s actually able to enjoy Halloween as she’s old enough, at almost 2 and a half, to understand and enjoy it somewhat; especially the dressing up part! One thing’s for sure, she already loves candy. Gotta watch out for that!

Yay Tiny! I’ll be sure to post and update you about our trick or treating adventures; this will be the first year that she’s actually into it (although we’ve been taking her trick or treating since she was just a baby, less than 6 months old (she was a pumpkin, and a lady bug the next year – we ate all the candy).

Have a Happy Halloween everyone!!

Make Breakfast Better with Cinnamon Sugar Butter

Land O’Lakes is expanding its line of popular spreadable butter products with new LAND O LAKES® Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread. This new butter blends two favorite flavors, cinnamon and sugar, into creamy, all-natural butter with no artificial ingredients.

This new butter can be used for spreading and topping favorite breakfast foods, as well as an ingredient for sweet treats and savory dishes. It’s a simple way to get kids to eat breakfast and start the day right when they can add a dollop of sweetness to their favorite foods. The spread is great on French toast or warm oatmeal, or spread it on whole wheat toast, English muffins, and bagels.

I made wafflers using the non-stick waffle skillet I received courtesy of Land O Lakes, and used the Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread, my daughter loved the waffles, in fact the whole family enjoyed breakfast. A little flavor is a great way to get kids to eat healthier foods. Learn more about how you can add LAND O LAKES® Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread to your favorite foods at http://www.landolakes.com/ or on Facebook.

Nutrition Facts: New Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread is made with all-natural, simple ingredients, such as cream, sugar, canola oil and cinnamon.

Disclaimer: I received the Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread, as well as non-stick waffle skillet, flexible spatula, and stainless-steel spreaders in order to complete my review. This in no way influenced my views. The opinions in this post are my own, they are my honest observations and indicate my personal experience with the product.


So, even in winter you need sunglasses. In this economy when and if you need a new pair a very reasonable price would be nice. What’s also nice is great customer service, many selections to choose from, and a quick and painless way to choose a pair.

I used SunglassWarehouse, and I chose a pair that I love. They sent the sunglasses to me very quickly, and when my pair broke unexpectedly (I was so bummed) they replaced them; no questions asked- within just a few days!

My pair:

Did I mention that I love them?

I can’t say enough good things about this company, and you will love their prices. The sunglasses range from under $15 to $22.95. If you need sunglasses check out SunglassWarehouse today; take a look at their extensive selection, I would be surprised if you didn’t find a pair you adore.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a complimentary pair of sunglasses, pictured above, this in no way influenced my views. The opinions in this post are my own, they are my honest observations and indicate my personal experience with this company and the product.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Save the ta-tas is taking big steps to fight cancer. “The Save the Ta-tas Foundation is committed to fighting cancer at every stage—including education, prevention, research, community outreach, and emotional support for those struggling with the disease. Our first year goal is to donate no less than .90 cents per dollar to support new gene research through a partnership with The Concern Foundation. Innovative and new, our organization is determined, like its founder ta-tas® Brand Clothing, to end this devastating disease, with a smile of course! Laughter heals, save the ta-tas!” Read more at http://www.savethetatas.org/why-we-are-special/

Purchasing something from Save the ta-tas creates a donation to fight breast cancer.  My favorite item on the Save the ta-tas site is this t-shirt.

Save the ta-tas is allowing me to give this item away!

To enter this giveaway please leave a comment below with you email address. The contest is open through Sunday, October 30 midnight PST.

Smucker’s Traditions Recipe and Essay Contest

The Fourth Annual Spreading Smucker’s® Traditions Recipe and Essay Contest kicked off on September 14 and will run to November 16, 2011

A favorite recipe could bring one family together for their dream reunion. The prize is $20,000 for a family reunion.

Share your original recipes made with at least 1/4 cup of Smucker’s jams, jellies, preserves, or fruit butters and an original essay of 200 words or less in english or in spanish about how the recipe is part of family traditions and how it makes family celebrations special. Five contest finalists will be selected and flown to New York City for a live recipe demonstration, and judging, where one will win $20,000 for a dream family reunion.

Got a great recipe? Why not enter today. You can enter the competition, in English and Spanish: http://www.smuckers.com/ or http://www.smuckersenespanol.com/

If you do enter, I’d love to hear about it. Feel free to share the recipe here too, and good luck!

Harmony Valley

Sometimes we don’t feel like eating meat. I don’t know about you, but I love veggie burgers; I eat real hamburgers too, but sometimes the lighter, healthier veggie pattie is delicious.

Harmony Valley makes all sorts of veggie meat-type items. I tried the breakfast sausage, which is slightly more seasoned than their Hamburger variety, the hints of sage bring out a savory breakfast sausage flavor. It was deliciously light and simply yummy. I also tried their veggie burgers and although I made the burgers, there are many options for which the mix can be usedl; like patties, crumbles, meatballs, soups or sauces.

I highly recommend both of these. They are also really easy to make, which is a bonus when you’re a busy mamma. JUST ADD COLD WATER, REFRIGERATE FOR 15 MINUTES, AND COOK. The dry mix is hydrated with the cold water and results in vegetarian protein with the same consistency and versatility as ground meat. Many recipes have ground meat as the base, and now with Harmony Valley Vegetarian Mix as an option, dinner just got a little easier.

Harmony Valley Vegetarian Mixes are a soy based, vegan and kosher certified meat alternative that makes eating less meat, or eating meat-less easy and versatile. Being a great source of protein and fiber, Harmony Valley Vegetarian Mixes provide health and harmony for the whole family.

You can find them at Fresh & Easy in Southern California, they are sold in the DRY food aisle.

So, go ahead and enjoy a healthy, yummy meat substitute today.

I was provided with complimentary breakfast sausage and vegetarian hamburger mixes in order to complete my review, this in no way influenced my views. The opinions in this post are my own, they are my honest observations and indicate my personal experience with these products.


I am getting a completely new design for the blog. I have already chosen a designer, and I am so excited!!

I am also moving the blog to WordPress. Does anyone have any advice, or any experiences to share about WordPress as opposed to Blogger? Tips, advice, horrible and/or positive eperiences would be helpful if you have them. I know nothing about WordPress, so it will be a learning process for me. However, I feel it’s time to make a change for the better. The design will not be ready until December, but it will be in the works soon, work will start in mid-November!

I would love any feedback from you all once the change takes place!

I can’t wait! Stay tuned.

Back to School With Jif

It’s tough to keep creative especially when school begins, but fun doesn’t need to end when kids go back to school!

Jeanette Torres Alvarez, a childhood expert, is promoting Jif’s Annual Most Creative Peanut Butter Sandwich Contest.

About Jeanette Torres Alvarez

– Born and raised in Puerto Rico, currently lives in Miami

– Married, mother of two (Andrea 6 and Santiago 18 months)

– Enjoys peanut butter and considers it a healthy, delicious and easy way to make sure her kids get protein

– Earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, graduating with honors in 2001 from Florida International University and two years later earned a Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling from

NOVA Southeastern University. She is an active member of several professional organizations such as Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology; and the Honor Council of Florida International University

– Columnist at People En Español (2.3MM impressions) and writes monthly on matters to support and guide parents to reach their maximum potential and increase their family’s quality of life

– Network ambassador for Discovery Familia and hosts “Nuestros Hijos” a series of educational capsules for moms

– Due to her successful work in the early childhood field, “Jinny” has served as the “On-Call” Mental Health Counselor for Univision, Despierta America Show, a nationally broadcast Spanish language morning television program aimed at the growing and influential Hispanic community in the United States

About the Program

Jif kicked off the tenth year of its Annual Jif Most Creative Peanut Butter Sandwich Contest. This is a contest that aims to foster creativity in the kitchen and invited kids (along with their parents) to submit a recipe for a creative peanut butter sandwich.  Get inspired, take a look at the plethora of recipes available on   Jif.com and in Spanish on Jifenespanol.com. You can vote for the contest finalists on January 14, 2012.

Nature’s Fix

Arrowhead launched its “Nature’s Fix” campaign and announced the findings from a recent survey that reveals consumers are ready and willing to change their habits and make more healthful lifestyle choices. Some notable statistics:

– Nearly all Westerners polled (97%) are looking to incorporate healthful behaviors into their daily lives, including maintaining a healthy diet by eating more fruits and vegetables (66%) and switching from soda to sparkling water 18%

– 90% of consumers believe that forming healthy habits should be simple and convenient

– 85% of Westerners said that overcoming one bad habit is all it takes to motivate them to overcome others

To celebrate this campaign I am giving away 4 coupons for a ONE Liter bottle of Arrowhead Sparkling Water FREE (any flavor of your choice) or 4 lucky readers. Leave a comment below, be sure to include your email address so that I can contact you if you are the winner.
I tried the raspberry lime flavor and found it refreshing and quite tasty.
Giveaway ends at midnight PST on October 26.

Disclaimer: This giveaway is sponsored by Nestlé Waters North America on behalf of its regional spring water brands. The coupons, as well as information about the campaign, were provided by Nestlé Waters North America.

My Cup of Tea

If you are looking for fall clothing for your child, look no further. The Tea Collection has a little bit of everything, and likely just what you are looking for this fall.

The clothing is exceptional in quality and style. It fits well, and falls so nicely on their litte body. It’s also extremely comfortable and versatile, my daughter played, ran and looked so stylish in her outfits.

She wore each of the below

And got compliments every time I dressed her in this clothing (on every item). She loves the jeans, and so do I, because they are soft and elastic, with zippers at the bottom to make them easier to take off. They look like the real thing. I find that jeans are hard and not so comfortable to wear for little ones. She wants to wear these all the time.

The clothing isn’t just stylish and fashionable (for toddlers and babies fashion isn’t always out there, and it’s just so much fun) it’s great quality.


Disclaimer: I was provided with a complimentary samples of the above items of clothing for review purposes, this by no way influenced my views; the opinions in this post are my own, they are my honest observations, and indicate my personal experience with these items of clothing.