America Needs More Jobs

These times call for desperate measures. Joblessness is a major problem, and it has been for far too long. I used to work at the same place for four years; I was happy at my place of business, and I felt secure. The last few jobs I have held have not been that way. I don’t know what it is, but it’s hard to hold down a job now, and it’s definitely impossible to feel secure at the job you are holding. At least it has been that way for many Americans.

I have been working part-time, at my current position for almost 9 months. I am certainly greatful to hold this position because joblessness is not an option. We need all the money we can get, and that’s the truth for almost all families today.

I lost my job right around the time that I had my daughter 2 and half years ago. I had been at that position for almost 2 years. Pregnancy, and taking time off was just not an option. I was pretty devastated, but lucky to be able to collect disability as that coincided with my situation; as well as paid family leave following that (which the state of California is great for); but, had I not had that, our family would have been in serious trouble as so many other families are.

I was forced to take a job shortly after my benefits ran out, one that I knew I shouldn’t have taken. Unfortunately that did not work out, I lasted there for 2 months; after that I waited for the “right” position, and although more hours would be great at my current place of business, I am just happy to be employed.

Other people who may be reading this are not so lucky. America needs more jobs, and given the opportunity to lend a hand, and help spread the word to help create more jobs I am doing what I can. If you are a blogger, and you care to share your own job story please write a post. If you would like to, and if you can you can, help this worthy cause by donating  today; visit to learn more about how you can help. We are all in this together, so let’s do what we can to lend a hand today.

Thank you.

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    Alexia, thank you so much for sharing this story. You nailed what I read everywhere: “We need all the money we can get, and that’s the truth for almost all families today.”

    Here’s to you taking the time to help blog a solution. It’s an honor to donate $5 to this effort in the name of Los Angeles Mamma!


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