Diaper Saga Continued

Well, not really. I received a sample of Earth’s Best diapers in the mail and after trying them I have decided that if I am no longer able to find the original Cruisers anywhere I will be using Earth’s Best diapers. They seem very good, absorbent, etc., and they are flexible as well; kind of like Cruisers. I put them on my munchkin this morning when she was crawling around playing and they worked very well. — I like them.

Does anyone else use Earth’s Best diapers?

You can read more about the diaper saga here, here & here.

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    Where did you find the Earth’s Best diapers? I’m sick of the Up&Ups. We are almost done with the box so I need to decide what we are going to do next.

    I wish the “easy” cloth diaper options would have been around 3 years ago. It would have been worth the investment for both of the girls. Now it just seems like we’re a little to late to the party.

    Seventh Generation also makes diapers and Fisher Price has some out now, too.

    Ugh! Decisions decisions. I wish the Cruisers were just still the same!

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    I contacted Earth’s best; here’s how (you’ll find their contact info in the paragraph before last):


    As far as where to buy Earth’s Best diapers, in Southern California they are sold in most markets: Ralph’s; Pavillions; Whole Foods, to name a few. They are also available online.

    I hope this helps.

    I don’t know anything about Seventh Generation or Fisher Price diapers– if you try them, let me know if they are any good.

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    I’ve seen the Earth’s Best at my Whole Foods store. I was thinking of trying them. Hubby has been buying Pampers Baby Dry and I just don’t like the way the fit my son. Glad Earth’s Best worked for your daughter!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

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    Ok, just wanted to update – I’m loving the Seventh Generation diapers. They have both Seventh Generation and Earth’s Best at Babies R Us, but I picked Seventh Generation because they were a buck cheaper. Since I’m going to be buying diapers for another year at least {how depressing!!!} all of those dollars can add up over time!

    I like them and there are coupons for $1.00 on their website all the time. I also bought their wipes and they have been fine as well.

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    Thanks for the tip, Kristin!

    Shelley, I’ve tried Baby Dry and don’t like them much either (I found them to be a bit harsh on my daughter’s sensitive skin).

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    I said above that Ralphs carries Earth’s Best; they don’t! Sorry!! (For some reason I thought they did.) Whole Foods has them for sure, and so do BabiesRUs; I am now uncertain about Pavillion’s (next time I am there, I’ll take a look). Sorry for misleading anyone!!!

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