October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Brookstone, RumbaTime and Sweet Street Desserts are donating a portion of sales during the month of October to raise awareness and support.

Brookstone® will donate 20% of all sales to the Breast Cancer Network of Strength®, an organization dedicated to the simple idea that no one should have to face breast cancer aloneBrookstone® is running the Pink n•a•p® program across all 300+ mall and airport stores, online and via its catalog Retail prices:

Pink n•a•p® Comfy Blanket with Sleeves $39.95
Pink n•a•p® Luxe Blanket $29.95
Pink n•a•p® Travel Neck Pillow $25

Product DetailsBrookstone Nap Luxe Travel Pillow Pink

RumbaTime Watches will be donating $10 of every watch sold to Breast Research Foundation· RumbaTime Watches are waterproof, light weight and easy to wear, available in over 30 colors. The perfect accessory to add a streak of color while surfing, skating, doing yoga, or gallivanting around town. $20

These watches truly are adorable! I received one in pink (one of my favorite colors) it’s comfortable, cute, and easily worn anywhere!

SWEET STREET DESSERTS will donate 10% of online sales from select Pink items to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®

Jelly Roll Cupcake (16 gourmet cupcakes) $52.95
Raspberry Mousse (Gluten Free) two 26 oz bags $59.95
Lemon/Raspberry Pipeables® Mousse Kit (Gluten Free) Pipeables make is easy to add a personal, artful touch to desserts. Each package contains two companion flavors of silky mousse and eight serving cups, perfect for making luscious parfaits or filling, decorating or creating gorgeous desserts. Single Kit $39 (two 8oz. bags=8 servings)

– Raspberry Mousse: Made with cream whipped to soft peaks blended with a fresh raspberry puree

– Lemon Mousse: Perfectly captures the refreshing, citrusy essence of lemon

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