Titanium Jewelry

Jewelry is a girl’s best friend. I don’t think it’s just diamonds. I don’t don jewels that often, but when it comes to beautiful jewelry I must admit I am a sucker.

I love to wear mostly minimal pieces, but when something is beautiful, even if it is a little on the larger side, I will put it on.

I think pretty rings can make any outfit look better, they are accessories that women can always use. For inexpensive jewelry, that can be worn everyday, take a look at this titanium ring design as an option. The rings pictured below would accentuate a hand-knit sweater, and corduroys so nicely; either ring would be a perfect accent to a simple outfit.

Titanium Bracelets are another fun option, great for simple everyday wear. I like the one pictured below, and again I can picture this with a casual denim, or even a cotton dress (see the dress below the bracelet). Fun!

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